About Tru Niagen

Produced and distributed by Healthspan Research, which is a subsidiary of ChromaDex, Tru Niagen is a leading nutrient that supports improved overall health throughout the aging process.

How we did it

ChromaDex wanted to set up sales channels for their product, Tru Niagen by creating a separate entity for the product and promoting it.

We created a landing page for the product, optimized the checkout process, set up external traffic channels, and followed it up by implemented digital marketing strategies.

With new sales channels set up, the traffic has increased. ChromaDex can now track conversions easily.


We created an engaging landing page for Tru Niagen using Hubspot, reduced loading time to a minimum and followed that up with A/B testing.


We developed a mobile-responsive Shopify web app and integrated Amazon and Facebook channels in the Shopify store for cross-platform sales. We also customized the check-out process and the Email template to match the website design.


The checkout process was equipped with a subscription option to improve sales. This feature is supplemented by a recurring billing option for reordering. We also conducted Email drip campaigns targeting different buyer types - bounced, first-time and recurring.


Digital marketing initiatives were implemented to track conversion based on sales channel - Shopify web app, Amazon, and Facebook. We also integrated Google Analytics to track customer behavior on the Shopify app and reach out to them with relevant offers.

Our Clients