About The Max Challenge Store

Max Challenge is a 10-week body transformation system. The company is run by founder and CEO, Bryan Klein. With 70+ locations in the north-eastern region of the USA, the company has a line of fitness supplements that were previously distributed through brick and mortar locations. Codaemon successfully helped add an online arm to their business.

How we did it

  1. Building a website where the text, content, branding, and solutions can be updated from time to time
  2. Create end-to-end solutions, setting up a referral program, affiliate and sales tracking

  1. We proposed an end-to-end solution for selling their product online and establishing a smooth flow of rewarding leads and sales
  2. We added the best-fit theme, integrated required apps, created custom mapping using API and webhooks between LeadDyno and ClubReady

  1. The site administrator can now easily update the content of the site
  2. Users can purchase products on a monthly basis or one-time
  3. Admin can easily add or modify affiliate tracking and referral programs
  4. Affiliates can view reward details on LeadDyno

Building an Online Store

Max Challenge didn’t have an online presence initially. Once the fitness programs of Max Challenge were shifted online, the decision-makers started to see the opportunity to bring their supplement business online as well. Codaemon shouldered the end-to-end development of an online store on Shopify. We installed a relevant theme, set up the product line, payment gateway, shipping, customer interface, and analytics of the site.

Subscription Feature

We developed a subscription feature that has helped the client achieve two things:
  1. Allow customers to opt for an automatic recurring order of products without having to manually select and order the products every month
  2. Allow customers to switch and update their recurring products with other products available in the online store
To achieve this, a combination of Shopify and Recharge was used along with Shipstation to handle subscription purchases, provide an interface to customers to manage their subscriptions, and for dropshipping and order tracking.

Affiliate Tracking System

Max Challenge runs on a franchise-based system. They wanted an integrated system to keep track of the order details of the franchises so that they can later award commissions to them based on sale amounts. So, we paired Shopify with LeadDyno to create an affiliate tracking system for Max Challenge. Clickfunnel was used to create landing pages/microsites for the affiliates and franchises. We also created custom scripts using Webhooks that will check affiliate information with the created order and map the order with the affiliate.

Our Clients