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Healthcare E-Commerce Industry

Healthcare has found its way into e-commerce in the quest for centralization and direct-to-consumer accessibility. Paired with the industry’s growing desire for convenience, e-commerce has opened the door to a plethora of opportunities and notable advantages to healthcare. Through e-commerce, healthcare merchants are meeting buyers’ expectations of prescription drugs, health supplements, medical equipment, etc. through personalized services.

Our E-commerce Solutions for Medical & Healthcare Business

Responsive Web Design for Health & Beauty Sites

Globally, more than 1.6 billion people use their mobile devices to shop online. Hence, it is important to ensure that your website can adapt well with varying screen sizes to accommodate a smooth transition between devices.

Healthcare Website Development

Be it Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or OpenCart or a new website from scratch, we can get your custom store up and running in no time. Following are some of the services we provide:

Healthcare App Development

Healthcare products and services belong to the emergency category and during emergencies, all that matters is promptness. A mobile app is easy to access and convenient to use when the need arises and brings you a loyal audience. We build healthcare e-commerce apps that give out the message that you are there at the hour of your target customers’ needs.

E-commerce Vitamin/Audit

The E-commerce Vitamins is a list of 30+ changes that you can make to your checkout, navigation, product pages, mobile user experience, etc. to improve the conversion of your healthcare e-commerce store.

Healthcare E-commerce Store/Website Marketing

Healthcare e-commerce has begun to rise and so has the competition. To set the bar high, you need to focus on marketing. Following are some of the services we provide:

Features of Our Healthcare Websites

Healthcare e-commerce is incredibly vast and includes a critical range of products. Additionally, customer expectations from this industry are way different from other e-commerce industries. Hence, the common e-commerce standards are not enough to accommodate the needs of healthcare e-commerce. Following are some of the distinguishing elements that we integrate into our solutions:

Appropriate themes

The theme of your website says a lot about your business. We choose professional-looking themes that are best suited to the purpose and type of your healthcare business.

Push notifications

These come in handy especially for a subscription-based healthcare business for products like supplements etc.

Store locator

This is a useful feature for omnichannel healthcare retailers to help their customers find their physical stores easily from the app/website.

Online appointments and consultation

Healthcare e-commerce is primarily about convenience and accessibility to the best healthcare services. Online appointments and remote consultations bring these benefits to your customers’ fingertips.

Secure patient records

We help you maintain the highest level of security for your patient records to ensure that your customers can trust you with their sensitive data.

Highly-converting product page

We ensure that the product pages have all the elements of conversion including well-placed CTA buttons, 360-degree images, detailed product descriptions, etc.

Healthcare Ecommerce Platforms We Work On

Healthcare, Beauty & Medical Businesses We Help

Selling medical devices

Prescription drugs

Health supplements

Personal care


Fitness products etc.

Our Healthcare eCommerce Stores Portfolio

Medical & Healthcare Web Design & Store Development Company

We offer smart, scalable and contemporary solutions to empower your business. We have experience in working with popular healthcare brands like Livestrong, P&G, etc. as well as mid-sized and small-scale businesses. We have the skills, the experience, and the knowledge to provide any solution related to your healthcare e-commerce business and are available 24*7 to attend your queries. Drop an email at or give us a call us at  (443) 718-0003.