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  • Writers Needed

    Writers Needed connects users with quality customized content written by professional USA-based writers. Customers can place orders with their requirements. The write-ups, once completed, are sent to the customers for review. If approved, they are madeavailable to them for download.

    Writers Needed

    Quick Account Setup

    Customers need to set up an account to start using the services of Writers Needed. An order form needs to be filled and submitted to convey the requirement to the writers. The completed content is then sent over for review and download.

    Vast Range of Services

    Writers Needed covers a wide range of content types like blog posts, website content, product reviews, press releases, social media content, business writing etc. Each content is original and aligned with the industry standard.

    Payment Gateway Integration

    Orders can be placed using credits. Credits can be purchased after signing up with Writers Needed. Writers Needed supports 9 pricing packages depending on the content delivery timeline. These packages start with a delivery timeline of 15 days or more and goes down to a timeline of less than 4 hours. All financial data stays protected.

    Subscription for Updates

    Users can subscribe to weekly newsletters using their Email address. Coupon codes and updates are also sent via Email after subscription.

    Technology Specifications



    A company owner requires a professional business plan for company expansion. She needs it done within a week but has too many meetings lined up to write it herself.


    She signs up with Writers Needed, fills up a form specifying her requirements and chooses a package that delivers the content within 3-4 days. This would give her enough time to suggest modifications, if required.

    • Custom meal plans
    • Workout videos by Nicky Holender
    • Charts to fill her food/water intake, body measurements, exercise details
    • Regular healthy-living tips


    Within a few days, she receives the perfect business document ready to be sent out to the investors.