About Ionization Labs

Ionization Labs is an award-winning technology and software company that specializes in simplifying cannabis testing to deliver faster and accurate results. Ionization Labs was built on a mission to prevent loss from improperly identifying hemp as marijuana which not only causes tremendous fiscal damage to farmers but also unending hassles for law enforcement personnel. 


Their proprietary Cann-ID potency testing solution can provide access to immediate chemical data for regulators, growers, and processors. Cann-ID can test for 10+ cannabinoids in less than 30 minutes with its highly accurate HPLC ( Hard Performance Liquid Chromatography) hardware. Cann-ID can also be used as a ruggedized mobile testing unit which is beneficial for law enforcement agencies. Additionally, their data can be accessed through a secure cloud interface providing value to stakeholders across the data network.

How we did it

Simplifying the process of reverse shipping and subscription to stay in line with the brand’s mission of easy and quick testing.

We studied the brand’s business model to understand what works best for their services. We identified the right apps and automation processes through ample research and integrated them to amplify the brand experience.

The new brand experience is automated, smoother, and more efficient with room to scale up along with the business.


Ionization Labs required re-platforming of their website to be able to provide more value to their customers. We re-platformed the entire website. This was achieved through appropriate theme selection and configuration in a way that fit their services best while ensuring that the brand aesthetics remained consistent throughout the website. Additionally, the following aspects were also taken care of:
  • Creation of page designs as per requirement
  • Setting up color scheme, font, and branding for the entire site
  • Installation and configuration of “123 form builders” and “Zoho CRM”
  • Setting up of product pages
  • Providing end-to-end solution on BigCommerce

FedEx Reverse Shipping

Ionization Lab’s potency testing service requires the user to send a sample of their product to the company through their logistics partner FedEx, after they place an order with the website. Initially, the reverse shipping label for sending their products to the lab was generated by the Ionization Labs system manually. This label was then sent via email to the user for printing and submitting the box to their nearest FedEx center. We removed the manual labor from the process by automating the process through BigCommerce Webhooks for generating and sending PDF labels to customers.


Ionization Labs provides two kinds of testing services: one-time testing of products and bulk testing. Bulk testing may vary between 30 to 600+ samples a month depending on the plan. While one-time testing can be done by simply sending the product to the lab, bulk testing is a bit more unique.   All users under the bulk testing plan are required to pay the one-time integration fee for subscribing to any one of their plans. In the first month of subscription, a temporary lab is set up at the customer’s facility and a preliminary training is provided to the customer on its usage. On completion of the manual set up, a Software Subscription & Support fee and a Monthly Testing Plan fee are charged to the customer on a recurring basis.   Given the complicated nature of the subscription model, Ionization Labs required a well-suited app to support the plan. It was challenging to find an app that would automate this process in a smart and efficient way. After feasibility testing, we selected the Paywhirl app because it not only fit the requirement but also has room to extend through third-party integrations.

Agent Locator

We integrated Google Map API to enable users to locate their nearest Ionization Lab testing center by using area pin code only. On the other hand, if Ionization Labs expands to further locations, they will be able to add these new locations by only uploading a CSV file. These will show up as a red location bubble on the map.

User Dashboard

We created an easy-to-use, custom dashboard for users to view their respective data and download older reports of the samples they had sent in comparison to the old system which required Ionization Labs to email the requested reports to the users. This keeps the entire user history in one place and makes it easy to retrieve them whenever necessary

Our Clients