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  • Beenverified

    BeenVerified is one of the largest background check websites that uses publicly available information to furnish detailed reports about the person being searched for. Based in New York, this organization makes access to background data quick and affordable.


    Front-end Development

    A website that looks up people should look good itself.

    Our excellent front-end developers came up with an engaging UI that more than serves the purpose of the website. We implemented quick and easy search using Name/Phone Number/Email/Address.

    Report Generation

    We have integrated several API s in the website to deliver detailed reports of the background checks so that users have access to all the information they need. The data collection and reporting procedures have been automated for seamless operation of the website.

    Technology Specifications

    Ruby on Rails


    A consultant from Oklahoma wants to reconnect with her classmates from high school whom she has lost touch with over the years.


    On BeenVerified, she conducts background checks of the names she remembers of her classmates. It furnishes detailed reports about them from their public records. She filters the searches using certain details she remembers about them to spot her friends.


    She has been able to find about 80% of her friends and is planning a meet-up soon.