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  • Special Ops Watch

    Multi-Time Machine (MTM) is a Los-Angeles-based company that manufactures tactical watches. MTM Special Ops Watches are built to withstand extreme military conditions. They come with a range of innovative features that are built for action. The Special Ops Watch website functions as an e-commerce platform for customizing and ordering from MTM’s range of watches.

    Special Ops Watch

    Replatforming the E-commerce Website

    We migrated the SpecialOps Watch website from WooCommerce to Magento platform. This meant importing all existing products along with their 360-degree images and metadata. We also migrated the customer details and mapped the orders associated with the customer IDs. This included importing orders, discounts, taxes etc.

    Website Testing

    We tested the website on the new platform and compared it with the old one to makes sure that everything works perfectly.

    Technology Specifications

    Cart 2 Cart
    Ruby on Rails
    Ruby on Rails


    An adventure-enthusiast wishes to purchase a tactical watch for his next outdoor adventure.


    He visits the Special Ops Watch website, chooses a watch, customizes it and orders it online.


    This entire process is easy to accomplish for him and he faces zero halts in his path to checkout.