E-commerce Audit

You’ve scanned your way to the future. Now let’s get your website to make more money for you.Your e-commerce website has way more potential than you think. How do I know this? It’s by a process called E-commerce Audit. A complete website audit identifies problems in your website that may result in search-engine penalties, unpleasant user experience etc. Once you know the problems, half the job is done.

SEO Optimization & Content

There are more than 2.3 million Google searches conducted every minute. Only a handful of them go to the second page of the search results. Hence geeting your website among the top ones is necessary to get noticed. To be able to do that, you need to find out the SEO loopholes on your website that are hindering it from climbing there. This is where SEO audit comes in.


The company website is the first point of contact for anyone who is interested in it. Unless it’s easy to figure out, you cannot expect anybody to buy products from it. Simply put, if it’s difficult to use, people will leave. This usability report will help you understand whether your website is up to mark.

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