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  • Know Thy Customer

    Know Thy Customer has a huge pool of records of people. It allows users to search for details about their phone numbers, Email IDs etc. It can be used to verify identities of business leads. The client needed a way to leverage this data and create a product for a social media platform. So we developed a Chrome extension of Know Thy Customer for LinkedIn.


    Project Objective

    When the marketing department locates a potential customer on LinkedIn, they require phone number and Email of that person to verify the authenticity of the lead and take the discussion further. This is where ProspectIQ comes to the rescue. So, the Know Thy Customer extension was created in a way that makes it easy for marketing professionals to retrieve the required contact details.

    How it Works

    • After the extension is installed, it displays the LinkedIn profile of the lead
    • Image

    • Now the user receives an API key with a set number of credits to use the service
    • Image

    • The number of credits can be viewed by entering the API key
    • Image

    • The LinkedIn URL of the lead acts as an input parameter for the extension which is used to fetch the relevant details which are then displayed to the user
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    The client required a way to let social media users fetch Know Thy Customer’s vast database of people’s records so that marketing professionals can verify the credibility of the leads directly from the social media platform.


    We created a Chrome extension of Know Thy Customer for LinkedIn that can be used to fetch the relevant records of a LinkedIn profile.


    This helps marketing professionals check a business lead’s details at one go without having to scour the Internet for it.

    Miscellaneous Functions

    User can perform the following other functions using the extension:

    • Open the extension in a separate tab and manage credits of the same
    • Handle duplicate API calls for same profile
    • Manage used credits in intermediate server

    Technology Specifications

    Ruby on rails API
    Amazon Web Server