On high demand, Codaemon has opened a brand new office in the USA (Maryland). This comes as a sigh of relief to our US clients most of whom have been with us since a decade now. With this launch, we are shifting our headquarter to the USA. Along with our branches in India, this turns Codaemon into a hybrid organization.

Amazon is quickly turning out to be the next Google. And surprisingly, Google could become the next Amazon! This comes as an eyebrow-raising highlight from the Internet Trends Report 2018. Legendary venture capitalist, Mary Meeker, took to the stage a week back at Recode’s CodeConference to release this year’s highly awaited Internet Trends Report. She unveiled a 294-page presentation that touched several

Facebook is facing tremendous public outcry over the Cambridge Analytica incident. Private Facebook data of 87 million users were allegedly harvested without their consent by the political consulting firm to manipulate US and British voters. As soon as the news spread, Facebook’s share value and users’ trust in the social media platform slid drastically overnight. This data breach incident is feared