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Ohio Living is a wide-reaching nonprofit organization in Ohio state which operates around 20 retirement communities providing them services from independent living and assisted living to rehabilitation and long-term care.

We had to build an ecommerce store for this organization which would be selling the printing and other related products, which is only available for their employees.

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A website that having multiple communities store with different catalog should also have good look itself. Our magento developer customised Ultimo theme in a such a way that each community has its own UI with eye catching graphics and admin can able to manage the look and feel of the site from Admin panel.


Magento 2.0, Ultimo Theme, Html, bootstrap, css, jquery, javascript,Cpanel & WHM
As this website will be serving to 20 different communities with 20 different catalog products, we had a challenge to make this possible with one website, The different communities should also have different home pages with slider banners.
To overcome the challenge we proposed client that we will build this website with multi store view and let the customer to switch to different stores for different catalog using a store switcher.
We have built the ecommerce multi store site successfully with 20 different stores which refers to Ohio Living communities and they showcase different catalog products. This helped us to not create multiple websites for multiple communities and we made it possible in one website with multi store view.

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