Vigilante provides data security to businesses and their customers using their research on gathering comprehensive and timely data in the intelligence marketplace. Vigilante is integrated in dark web communities to stay ahead of emerging threats and deliver solutions that prevent high-level attacks along with insights into vendor compromises, malicious content, leaked or stolen data etc.

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Wordpress, html, bootstrap, css, jquery, javascript,Cpanel & WHM,contact form plugin, salesforce integration plugin


We tested the website on the new platform and compared it with the old one to make sure that everything works perfectly.
There were two main challenges Vigilante team was facing.
  • They wanted a website where the text, content, branding and solutions can be updated from time to time
  • There are different types of solution and services Vigilante provides and they have different types of support teams to address user requests. Hence, without a proper system in place, it was difficult to connect a user to the relevant support team.
  • We proposed to develop the Vigilante site in Wordpress CMS so that the site content, branding, solution services, structure can be updated from time to time by the client
  • For tracking user complaints and service requests, we integrated a Contact Form with the option to select the relevant service. Once the user fills the form and selects an option which he/she has a request or complaint about, an Email notification is sent to the support team that is associated with that option. At the same time, we are also creating and assigning that lead to the relevant support team member in Salesforce.
  • Site administrator can now easily update the content, branding, solutions etc. from time to time
  • User service request and complaint tracking is now automated and the support team can work on it hassle-free

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