TaxiQro is a mobile-based cab booking solution in Queretaro, Mexico. Commuters can use this mobile app to hail a taxi, travel and pay for their ride easily. The app is compatible on iOS and Android devices.

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Easy Cab Booking

We built the TaxiQro app for passengers to request a cab or schedule a trip in a few taps on their mobile phones. This request is communicated to the operators who can then dispatch the cabs.

Live Location Tracking

TaxiQro mobile app uses GPS to constantly update users with the requested car’s location to facilitate continuous monitoring. Driver and car details are also provided to the requester.

Quick Payment Option

Passengers can pay for the trip via credit, debit and cash cards through the app at the end of the trip. Trip history is automatically stored and can be accessed using the app. Additionally, commuters are provided with promotional offers on the app.

Technology Specifications

Android, IOS, Node js, MongoDB, Mysql
A commuter wants to hail a cab home from office but isn’t being lucky enough to find an empty one.
He requests for a cab on the TaxiQro app and is immediately assigned one with its details sent to him. Now he tracks the cab on the app as it makes its way to his pick-up point. At the end of the trip, he pays for the trip with his credit card, thanks the driver and hops out.
He no longer worries about hailing a ride anywhere in Queretaro and can travel without worrying about cash shortage.
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