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The Salesforce Gifting App is a customized e-commerce application which can be installed in the users’/organization’s Salesforce account. Once this app is installed and configured, it can be used by the organization’s employees to send out corporate gifts from their respective Salesforce accounts to their clients/leads/contacts as an expression of goodwill. This project has helped add Salesforce custom application development and API integration to our Salesforce development service portfolio.

How the App Works

Once the app is configured, the app gets reloaded for the user to log in using their Salesforce User ID and password. Now the gift items are displayed for the user to select from. As soon as the user places a gift order, two distinct processes commence:

  • The order amount is deducted from the sender’s credit card via Authorize.Net
  • Email notification is sent to the respective vendor of the product with a shipping request

Once the product is shipped, the vendor updates the status in the system and a notification Email for the same is sent to the user who ordered the gift. Our Salesforce custom application development team has equipped the system to execute these steps smoothly for a hassle-free gifting experience.

App Authorization

App authorization is a two-step process:

  • Adding company details. Here, the user selects the gift categories as well.
  • Authorizing the app for payment. The organization’s credit card details are required at this step to create an Authorize.Net profile. The user can set a budget limit at this step. The total price of the orders should not exceed this amount. It can be changed later from the admin panel.

Technology Specifications

SFDC Library, Visualforce, SOQL, PHP, Codeigniter, Mysql, Heroku Server, OAuth,, HTML, CSS3
  • Developing and integrating a custom e-commerce app to list gift items which the Salesforce user can send to his/her contacts
  • Creating a system that would automatically deduct the gift amount from the organization’s credit card
  • We created a custom gifting app using Salesforce canvas app and Heroku server which can display the third party (vendor) UI in the Salesforce view.
  • We created a system that would generate an Authorize.Net profile for the user with the organization’s credit card at the time of installation of the gifting app.
  • Smooth product display and order placement
  • Automatic deduction of order amount from the organization’s credit card without the user having to store any money in the app

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