PaperDue provides researching and writing help to students through its array of example essays and research documents on an exhaustive range of topics and its editing service by its team of professionals.

E-commerce System for Ordering Assignments

PaperDue functions as an online marketplace for ordering assignments on any topic under the sun. In addition to taking help from its existing database, you can order custom assignments. The links to the completed assignments are delivered via Email for quick download. These essays serve as references for writing your paper.

Easy Search and Download

We utilized Sphinx search to integrate text search functionality in the website. This enables users to look for any example essay by typing in the topic name. PaperDue has the ability to scan its huge database, fetch related documents from its servers and make them available for download.

Payment Gateway Integration

PaperDue operates on a subscription-based model. We created an easy way for users to activate their accounts and request for custom writing and editing services by selecting from a range of plans available.

Boosting Sales

We conducted A/B testing of the website to determine its best performing version in terms of sales. We also implemented on and off-page SEO techniques and Email marketing to improve conversion. PaperDue now boasts a daily count of 5000 unique page views.

Technology Specifications

Php, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, Mysql, Sphinx, Authorize.Net, Paypal, Maxmind, Twilio
Ben has a 40-page research paper for his graduate level due in two weeks. Two weeks isn’t enough since he also has to prepare for his business school entrance exam.
He visits PaperDue and purchases a custom writing plan that delivers a 50-page paper within 5 days via Email.
Once the assignment is delivered to him, he uses it a reference to create and edit his original research paper in the next 7 days and submits it on time.

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