911 Mantenimiento Especialistas

911 Mantenimiento is a Mexico-based company that provides residential, industrial and commercial maintenance services of varying complexities – from minor problems to extensive remodeling. 911 Mantenimiento Especialistas app enables the company’s specialists to receive maintenance requests made by clients. This app is compatible on iOS and Android devices.

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Job Alerts

We built 911 Mantenimiento Especialistas for maintenance specialists to receive job notifications as soon as the jobs are assigned to them. Specialists can view job details along with the location to start working on it.

Job Status Update

Maintenance specialists can update the status of the job at every stage – their arrival at the address, upload of images of the repair work, whether payment has been made or is pending etc. There is a provision to view job history as well.

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Technology Specifications

Angular, Ionic, Bootstrap, PHP, Mysql, Android, IOS
Ernesto specializes in fixing all kinds of alarm systems. But he has no means to keep his repair bookings orderly.
He joins 911 Mantenimiento and downloads the Especialistas app and starts receiving job alerts. Once he starts working on each job, he keeps updating its status on the app itself.
He can now keep track of his upcoming jobs, completed jobs and the pending payments right from his mobile phone.
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