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Red Lemon is a lead generation company. It generates high-quality consumer data through co-registrations, co-sponsoring, lifestyle surveys, microsites, email marketing or individual lead generation. Its association with Codaemon dates back to forming years of Codaemon. We developed a customizable software for Red Lemon that takes care of online marketing requirements.

Development of Customizable Modules

This software comes with 3 modules that provide the following functionalities:

  • Basic: It provides user administration facilities which include logging user actions for monitoring. It has the added benefit of a cronjob manager that facilitates automation of certain tasks.
  • Marketing: This module acts a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that provides an interface to connect clients with their partners. It enables administrators to keep a record of interactions, manage online campaigns, get access to detailed revenue statistics, automate billing etc.
  • Sweepstake Manager: Client can use this module to create campaign-specific landing pages, micro-sites, registration forms etc. using different graphic layouts.

Catering to Diverse Application Areas

This powerful software can be tweaked as per client’s convenience to support and improve workflow. Its comprehensive suite of features can be used to launch, manage and optimize online campaigns on public/private networks, automate provisioning of a business’s sales and routine activities like billing and report generation, integrate affiliate programs etc. This software is deployed on a pricing basis.

Technology Specifications

Php, Mysql, MongoDb, Saas, Ruby on Rails
RedLemon operates in Australia, Germany and UK at present, with ambition to roll out their sweepstakes in other countries in near future. Among several challenges the one severe challenge was to handle sudden surge in traffic at irregular intervals during a day. The variation is as drastic as 1000 concurrent users to no users at all. Coupled with this, there is this challenge of keeping enough CPU resources available for cumbersome report generation.
We went for Amazon Relational MySQL Database with master slave configuration. Master should be always available for frontend registration and slave for report generation. We also took advantage of MongoDB caching to serve repeat contents and isolated session management from MySQL database and used Redis instead. Also we opted for an AutoScaling system.
Sweepstakes are super fast even during the high traffic hours, leading to a healthy conversion rate. Autoscaling servers gives us the optimal infrastructure with regards to traffic at any instant equally saving money on server cost.

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