Little Cutie Boutique

Little Cutie Boutique is a fashion line for children. They have more than 12K SKUs and sell in categories like apparels, swimwear, jewellery, handbags etc.

Present Setup

Lake Country Boutique sells its products on multiple channels like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify etc. It has 12000+ SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) which made it very difficult to manage and keep track of the catalog accurately.

What We Did

  • We created an interface for LCB to upload SKUs. This program fetches all the associated product information for those SKUs and uploads them to Shopify and Walmart.
  • We also set up SKUBANA to manage inventory for all the multiple sales channels and Quickbooks online for in-house accounting

How it Helped

This has helped in the following ways:

  • The client now uploads a CSV file with appropriate columns to the interface we created
  • Now this program automatically uploads the product data in bulk to all the shopping websites. The client can check the progress of the upload.
  • Once complete, she can download the CSV files with information filled in it

Technology Specifications

Amazon Seller Api, Wallmart Seller Api, Ebay Api, Skubana, Quickbook, Shopify
Lake Country Boutique wanted to sell its products on Walmart and have its own Shopify store as well. The client wanted to control the inventory from a single place. The client wanted to retrieve its existing product information of 12000+ SKUs from Amazon or eBay and have all the SKUs uploaded to Walmart and Shopify.
We developed an interface that automates the manual steps required to upload products on the shopping channels.
Lake Country Boutique now sells its products easily on the client's desired sales channels without any hassle.

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