Yummy Tummy

Yummy Tummy mobile app enables users to order food from their favorite restaurants and get them delivered to their doorstep. We were responsible for full-stack development of a Shopify store to host the e-commerce application along with the development of a native Android and iOS application.

Profile Creation

Yummy Tummy’s profile creation process is simple. Each profile can be associated with multiple addresses. Customer activity is stored for re-marketing purpose. Based on the buying behavior, customers are sent offers suited to their preference. Promotional offers are sent via push notifications. The appalso gives users access to features available on the website including the ability to use coupons and avail discounts.

Quick and Easy Navigation

Yummy Tummy provides a user-friendly interface to browse through and order from an endless list of food menu of different restaurants in your proximity. Each item comes with a description, an image, and the price. The food search supports sort and filter options. You can add a food item to your favorite list for locating it easily at a later time. You can also share food items with your friends.

Payment Gateway Integration

This app is equipped with a secure payment gateway that offers simple and flexible ways to pay for your food. It facilitates payment through credit/debit cards. The payment feature supports coupon codes which you can apply while checking out your order from the Shopping Cart.

Real-Time Order Tracking

A live location tracking feature has been integrated in this app. It enables you to check the status of your order on your smartphone till it is delivered to you.

Technology Specifications

Josh’s movie marathon is incomplete without a bowl of macaroni and cheese. But the low price range of this food does not make it eligible for home delivery without a charge. Also, he isn’t willing to travel to the restaurant and wait in line to get his order.
He downloads Yummy Tummy, registers and quickly locates and orders the pasta from his favorite restaurant nearby. He tracks his order on the app till it reaches him.
All of this happens in the minimum time and right from the convenience of his mobile phone.

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