Livestrong is a health and fitness resource that helps users lead an active and healthy lifestyle through rich content, interactive tools and connecting them to an active community.

‘Stronger’ User Engagement

‘Stronger’ program enhances users’ engagement with the Livestrong platform by providing them with personalized diet plans, fitness tips, and workout videos based on their body types and goals. All it takes is a simple sign up.

Exclusive Fitness Features

Livestrong connects users with some incredibly useful tools and features like:

  • Progress Tracker: To keep track of the calories users have consumed/burned, changes in body measurements etc.
  • Workout Plan: High-quality workout videos and programmes by Nicky Holender
  • Community: To become a part of and interact with the Livestrong community of like-minded people

Payment Gateway Integration

We integrated a payment gateway to enable users to upgrade to other membership plan/s. All they need to do is choose a plan, add a promo code (if any), select a payment method (Card or PayPal) and make the payment.

Website Optimization & Monitoring

We optimized various pages of the website and brought down the loading time within the permissible limit. We also generated sitemaps for millions of articles on the Livestrong platform via Python and ensured smooth operation of the website by continuously monitoring and fixing security flaws in the codebase.
An obese parent wants to achieve her goal weight within 6 months.
She signs up for the ‘Stronger’ program and receives:
  • Custom meal plans
  • Workout videos by Nicky Holender
  • Charts to fill her food/water intake, body measurements, exercise details
  • Regular healthy-living tips
She is steadily losing weight while keeping track of her progress and inspiring others on the Livestrong platform by sharing her story.

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