Why You Should Adopt Front-end Technology in Your E-commerce Store

Any online business site, mobile app or mobile site is the public face of the brand. Moreover, each e-commerce business needs a functional, clean and attractive interface to make that first impression right. The end goals for each brand may vary, but the ultimate objective is to hook your visitors and serve them well enough to stay. Front-end development is critical to the success of this purpose.

Nowadays, time is more valuable than money and considering the technology we have for business implementation, we should definitely give front-end technology a try. This includes AngularJS, ReactJS and EmberJS and many more.

It is fast to implement, easy to learn and also it is very adaptive since it is built upon Javascript.

Now you may wonder what makes front-end technology faster given that there already are big players like Java, Php, .net, C.

History repeats itself – something better always pops up. So what’s the hype about front-end technology?

Well, the simplest explanation is “Javascript-based programming” and what makes it special is that “Browser supports Javascript”.

The only reason why a web page uses a server is that browsers don’t have a brain. It means a browser cannot add two numbers by itself. But this can be done with Javascript.

Maximum amount of work can be done by a browser with the help of Javascript in minimum interactions with a server. Also, a browser has no option but to render data as fast as possible because it won’t be able to give an excuse like “Server is taking too long to respond”

Hence, front-end technology plays a crucial role in the survival of an e-commerce store in this highly competitive market.

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